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Women of Surf

Empowering and informative panels featuring female leaders, professional surfers, and career explorers in the surf industry. Hear from top CEOs and innovators navigating a once male-dominated industry, explore the highs and lows of a professional surfer’s career, and discover the diverse career opportunities available for women in surfing. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and empowered by the incredible women of surf.

Awake Academy with Layne Beachley AO

Layne Beachley’s Awake Academy is a series of talks and workshops designed to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their full potential. Beachley, a 7x World Champion, shares her personal stories and experiences, as well as insights and tools to help others develop the mindset and skills needed to succeed.

Big Wave Badass Babes

Up close with Guinness World Record holder Laura Enever and big wave charger Summa Longbottom. Two Australian women spearheading the movement in what was once a predominantly male-dominated facet of surfing.

Book Launch: Surf Like a WOman

Don’t miss 1993 World Champion Pauline Menczer as she launches her book “Surf Like a Woman” – an incredible story of her life & experience of professional surfing in a male dominated industry. 

Waves of Wellness

Discover a world of holistic wellbeing with our Wellness Hub workshops. Join expert instructors for transformative experiences that promote physical, mental, and emotional balance. Explore yoga, strength training, ice bath therapy, mindfulness, and nutrition, and discover new ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these workshops offer something for everyone. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Movement and Recovery

A variety of transformative experiences to promote holistic wellbeing, including yoga, strength and conditioning, and ice bath therapy. Led by skilled instructors, participants will deepen their practice, challenge themselves, and discover the transformative potential of movement and recovery.

Train Like A Female

Join Candice Land, founder of The Female Surfer and World Surf League Exercise Physiologist, as she shares the missing links in surf conditioning training. You will be guided through a series of challenging exercises that are designed to increase your strength, connection, flow and fitness for surfing. 

Female Nutrition with Alicia Edge

Co-Founder of “Compeat Performance and Performance Dietitian with The Matildas.  Join us for an exploration of the vital role nutrition plays in achieving your personal best – whether that be while you’re conquering the surf or navigating life’s hurdles.

Surf Film & Photography:

There has always been a strong connection between surf culture and art, with some incredible women at the forefront of surf photography, journalism and filmmaking. The Surf Film & Photography Hub will showcase these women across the weekend through curated practical workshops from female surf photographers, surfboard shapers & filmmakers.

Through Her Lense

Step behind the lens with extraordinary photographers like Melissa Hoareau & Hannah Prewitt, and discover how they set the industry standard for capturing captivating moments frozen in time from your favorite surfers and water-women. Dive into their journey as they share insights into the art of getting the perfect shot.

Belinda - Movie Premiere

Belinda Baggs & Surfers For Climate are premiering Belinda Baggs brand new movie on the big screen. Join us for an epic movie night on the beach. 
Stay tuned for trailers & more.

Breaking Down Barriers

Cait Miers unique and authentic approach to photography has seen her working with clients from all over the world, including WSL, Roxy, Rip Curl, Cotton On, Contiki, Canon, FCS, Lululemon and more. She’s one of the leading women’s surf photographers in the industry, inspiring a generation of female photographers to chase their dreams and express themselves.