Entries are now open for the “second” Seas the Day Surf Comp on the 22nd & 23rd June at the beautiful Kingscliff beach! Open to all women Australia-wide no matter your age or ability for Shortboard and Lonboard divison.

Each heat of the Seas The Day comp will be conducted in a condensed ABB tag team format relay style, with a duration of 25 minutes. This means that each team member will take turns to catch their highest scoring single wave and showcase their skills within the given time frame. The heats will be judged based on the standard Shortboard and 9 ft Longboard competition criteria, which include criteria such as wave selection, degree of difficulty, and maneuver execution. Overall, this competition promises to be an exciting showcase of skill and talent, and a celebration of the beauty and power of female surfing.

How to Enter?

  1. Grab your clubmates/girlfriends and create your team of 3 Surfers – performance foamies, mid-lengths are all good.Due to the high popularity and demand please ensure that each participant is only part of one team per division (no double-ups!).
  2. Choose your division:Multiple teams allowed per club.
    • Open Women’s Shortboard 
    • Under 18 Junior Women’s Shortboard (groms are welcomed) 
    • Open Women’s Longboard – over 9ft
    • Salty Girls Mini Shredders – U12 division (parent assist allowed)

    Please note: Only one member of the team needs to register here, please include the other team members names at cart


$1000 prize money is contributed to the first place of each division
$50.000 total in cash prizes and give aways

Seas The Day has partnered with generous sponsors to offer an array of exciting gift packs for each competitor. These include a range of goodies such as surf accessories, health and wellness products, and other valuable items that will be handed to the division winners. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a newcomer to the sport, there will be great products to take home.