Learn to Surf with Salty Girls Surf School

Free Salty Girls Surf Lesson for Beginners

Tailor-made for your first surfing experience or for anyone who just wants to have a go in a super-fun beginner group atmosphere. Join in on a Salty Girls surf lesson.

Driven by finding the fun in getting out of our heads and every excuse not to do it. With all the good vibes around, you can switch off for 1.15hrs of you time in the ocean and learn a new skill! 

Your lesson starts out with you letting us know about any prior surfing experience you have so we can make sure you feel safe and comfortable and have the right equipment. Next, you learn about your equipment and surf safety.  Then it’s out to play in the waist-deep water, where you can apply the skills we have taught you on the beach with one of our experienced staff right there to help you the whole time.

Use CODE: saltyseas to book in your free surf lesson for:

Beginners only!

Saturday 22nd of June 9.30 AM
Sunday 23rd of June 11.00 AM

Duration 1.15 hours